WA Fellows

WA Fellow is a distinction reserved for select members of the Institute whose accomplishments are deemed fitting of this prestigious membership level. The WA IPAA Nominations Committee identifies such a person and invites them to apply.

Qualifying for Fellow status demonstrates:

  • Seniority and leadership in the service of the public
  • Leadership in the business and tertiary sectors
  • Contribution to public administration
  • Contribution to the Institute

Only a limited number of Fellow places are available per annum and those that are accepted will:

  • be allowed to use the post nominal FIPAAWA
  • be invited as our guest to attend a number of exclusive roundtable lunches with invited guest speakers and evening gatherings
  • be recognised as the highest level of Institute member
  • be invited to sit on Special Interest Groups and Committees

The WA Fellows program is proudly supported by Ernst & Young.

WA Fellows (FIPAAWA)

  • Mr Andrew Brien FIPAAWA
  • Mr Sandy Clarkson FIPAAWA
  • Mr Ian Cowie PSM FIPAAWA
  • Mr Bradley Delavale FIPAAWA
  • Mr David Etherton FIPAAWA
  • Mr Graeme Gammie FIPAAWA
  • Mr Chris Hall AM FIPAAWA
  • Ms Susan Hunt PSM FIPAAWA
  • Ms Sue McCarrey FIPAAWA
  • Mr Colin Murphy PSM FIPAA FIPAAWA
  • Ms Angie Paskevicius FIPAAWA
  • Dr Jim Rhoads FIPAAWA
  • The Honourable Kerry Sanderson AC FIPAAWA
  • Mr Grahame Searle FIPAAWA
  • Mr Richard Sellers FIPAA FIPAAWA
  • Dr Ruth Shean FIPAAWA
  • Mr Dale Stewart FIPAAWA
  • Ms Julie Waylen FIPAAWA
  • Dr Peter Wilkins FIPAA FIPAAWA
  • Dr Mike Wood FIPAA FIPAAWA

National Fellows

IPAA National awards National Fellowships to members who have made an outstanding contribution to the study and /or practice of public administration. They also actively participate in the activities of the Institute and strongly support its mission.

WA National Fellows (FIPAA)

  • Mr Chris Dawson APM FIPAA
  • Ms Sue McCarrey FIPAA FIPAAWA
  • Ms Nina Lyhne FIPAA
  • Ms Sharyn O'Neill FIPAA
  • Mrs Cheryl Gwilliam FIPAA
  • Mr Richard Sellers FIPAA
  • Mr Colin Murphy PSM FIPAA
  • Mr Grahame Searle FIPAA
  • Dr Peter Wilkins FIPAA
  • Mr Eric Lumsden PSM AM FIPAA*
  • Mr Christopher Williams FIPAA
  • Dr Wally Cox PSM FIPAA
  • Dr Lynn Allen FIPAA
  • Ms Maxine Murray FIPAA
  • Dr Geoff Gallop FIPAA
  • Dr Frank Harman FIPAA
  • Mr Des Pearson FIPAA
  • Mr Chris Whitaker FIPAA
  • Dr Elizabeth Harman FIPAA
  • Dr Martin Forrest FIPAA
  • Dr Michael Wood FIPAA
  • Mr Alan Peachment FIPAA
  • Mr Allan Skinner PSM FIPAA
  • Mr Robert MacKenzie FIPAA
  • Mr Digby Blight FIPAA
  • Mr Brian Burgess FIPAA
  • Mr Ronald Robertson FIPAA

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Honorary Life Members of the Western Australia Institute of Public Administration

  • Mr Tim Benjamin*
  • Mr Brian Burgess FIPAA*
  • Dr. Wally Cox PSM FIPAA
  • Mr Mike Culmsee
  • Ms Lyn Genoni
  • Mr Keith Graham*
  • Dr Barbara Meddin
  • Mr John Persse
  • Ms Marion Seboa
  • Ms Margaret Stockton
  • Ms Jan Stuart
  • Dr Mike Wood FIPAA