Award Categories

The Achievement Awards offer seven categories for entry with a total of fifteen awards. Ten open to individuals and five best practice awards for organisations.

Individual Categories

Patrons Award
The highest accolade in public administration in WA awarded to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the State.

Public Sector Commission Young Leader of the Year
The winner of this award will have emerging leadership qualities; a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to learning. Making a difference by demonstrating best practice in the public service.

Leader of the Year (4 Awards)
The winner of this award will be working in a senior position and have clearly demonstrated leadership qualities. He/She will be respected and demonstrate excellence in leading a team to meet designated objectives and outcomes in the interests of public service.

Murdoch University Leader of the Year Working in State or Federal Government

Hyatt Regency Perth Leader of the Year Working in the Not for Profit Sector

Corruption and Crime Commission Leader of the Year Working in Local Government 

NEW! Leader of the Year working within a Division / Team / Organisation

NEW! The winner of this new award will be working in a management position within an organisation (from Local, State, or Federal Government, the Not-for-Profit or  Academic sectors in WA) and will have clearly demonstrated leadership qualities. He/she will be well-respected; have demonstrated excellence in team leadership, have met designated objectives and outcomes in the interests of the sector, community or industry in which they work and in doing so, advance excellence within the WA public sector.

Best Practitioner in the Public Service (4 Awards)
The winner of each of these awards will be working at manager level or higher. He/She will be a respected practitioner and demonstrate excellence in high achievement in their field of expertise.

Hays Recruitment Human Resource Management Practitioner of the Year

Information Technology Practitioner of the Year

Department of Fisheries Policy Practitioner of the Year

Department of Finance Finance Practitioner of the Year

Organisational Categories

Business News Innovation in the Not-for-Profit Sector
The winning organisation of this award will demonstrate the implementation and use of innovative practices and approaches to meet community and public service objectives.

Best Practice in Collaboration (2 Awards)
The award will go to a project or an ongoing practice that demonstrates high level collaboration and coordination across organisations to meet a priority objective in the delivery of service to the community.

Best Practice in Collaboration Between Government and Non Government Organisations

Best Practice in Collaboration Across Government Agencies in the Same Jurisdiction

Organisation Demonstrating Best Practice (2 Awards)
Excellence in demonstration and delivery of programs, policies and approaches in public values in corporate citizenry, social responsibility and welfare of staff are the two foci of these two awards. Organisations must demonstrate ongoing delivery and commitment in these areas.

Best Practice in Corporate Social Values

Department of Health Best Practice in Health and Wellbeing