Best Practice in Collaboration (2 Awards)

The award will go to a project or an ongoing practice that demonstrates high level collaboration and coordination across organisations to meet a priority objective in the delivery of service to the community.

  • Best Practice in Collaboration Between Government and
    Non-Government Organisations
  • Best Practice in Collaboration Across Government Agencies 

Open To

  • Organisations only.
  • Awarded to a project demonstrating effective partnership and collaboration between the relevant organisations which has delivered tangible and lasting outcomes and made a significant contribution.

Nominated By

Self or Third party.


C1  Active use of innovative practice through their initiative, program or project.
C2  Effective engagement with relevant internal and/or external stakeholders demonstrating partnership and relationship management.
C3  Improved service delivery to the local community.
C4  Excellence in public and/or community organisation administration and management with evidence of  effectiveness.

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