Office of Digital Government Best Practice in Digital Transformation

The focus of this award is to recognise excellence in digital transformation that has led to the delivery of better services to the community.

Open To

  • Organisations only (can be a joint nomination between more than one organisation). 
  • Must demonstrate ongoing commitment to, and delivery of, digital transformation.
  • Digital Transformation projects, programs and initiatives must:
    • have commenced within the last 12-months;
    • have been significantly amended in the last year, or
    • be focused on the outcomes within the last year (for a previously established project, program or initiative).

Nominated By

Self or Third party.


The winning nominee must demonstrate:

C1   A clear strategy for the adoption of the digital transformation projects, programs, and/or initiatives addressing:

  • key benefits to be realised;
  • risk considerations; and
  • alignment to whole of government outcomes.

C2 Digital transformation projects, programs and/or initiatives have generated outcomes aligned with one or more of the key Government digital transformation priorities:

  • Implementing higher cyber security standards across government;
  • Improving delivery of online services to the community;
  • Developing policy and strategy to support a culture of data protection and sharing;
  • Building data analytics capabilities within the public sector to underpin good policy development and better targeted service delivery;
  • Supporting the implementation of information technology procurement reforms across the sector; and
  • Investigating strategies to reduce the digital divide and any digital disadvantage.

C3 Specific projects, programs and/or initiatives have driven improved outcomes to the community.

C4 Workplace and/or beneficiary testimonials.

How to nominate for this award

  1. Click here to download and complete the Award Assessment Criteria (note: page limits apply). 
  2. Upload the completed Assessment Criteria with a brief summary statement to the Online Entry Form.


  1. Paste your response to the Award Criteria directly into the Online Entry Form (note: word limits apply).

Please ensure you have carefully read the How to Nominate page.