The Future of Perth

What sort of City are we planning for?

Events - 23 Feb 2011

Topics & Questions covered at this event included:

  • What are the challenges facing Perth (from Joondalup to Rockingham) with its expected population growth?
  • What are some of the options for urban design?
  • What are the critical factors that need to be addressed – transport, land use, infrastructure, environment?
  • How does Perth accommodate environmental, social and economic considerations in its urban planning?
  • How comprehensive is Directions 2031 and Beyond – is it as innovative as it needs to be?
  • Who are the stakeholders that are/need to be involved in this planning for the future needs of our city?
  • What sort of community do we want?
  • How can we ensure any development has a sustainable social impact?

Panel Speakers included:

Professor Richard Weller
Winthrop Professor and Director of the Urban Design Centre of WA
'Big Australia-Little Perth?'

Mr Allan Tranter
Director, Creating Communities
'The Next Big Thing'

Mr Charles Johnson
Principal, Planning Context
'Density Matters: Why Perth Needs Urban Consolidation'

Marion Fulker
Chief Executive Officer, Committee for Perth
'The Future of Perth: Who are we planning for?'

Mr Gary Prattley
Chair, WA Planning Committee
'Western Australia in a strong position to carry out big visions for the State and nation'

PowerPoint Presentations

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