Communication Nation: 21st Century Strategic Communication

Events - 10 Jun 2015

In two presentations and subsequent panel discussion, this session explored the current and emerging trends in strategic communications, communication technology, and latest research into the psychology of communication.

A final presentation of a case study, discussed a recent successful public sector communication campaign. This presentation enabled the public sector audience to learn from peers as to contemporary practice beyond their own organisation. 


  • Psychology of communication – countering misinformation
  • Latest trends in communication – Bloggers and their role as self appointed influencers
  • Social media and strategic communications

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Catherine Archer: Bloggers of the world unite: The power and passion of online influencers
Dr Ullrich Ecker: Misinformation – Understanding its Effect on Cognition and Optimising Corrections
Danielle Henry: The New Reality – Speed and Success in Online Communications

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Contact: Catherine Archer, Dr Ullrich Ecker or Danielle Henry
Hear Dr Ullrich Ecker's Presentation at the IPAA 2014 International Conference
Interesting segment on ABC's Radio National - The Trouble with facts 
View PerthZoo's Facebook Page


Dr Ullrich Ecker
Senior Research Fellow, Psychology, University of Western Australia

Ullrich Ecker is a cognitive scientist with a special interest in memory updating and reasoning; he is an internationally recognized expert on the effects of misinformation. Ullrich obtained his PhD from Saarland University (Germany) in 2007 before joining the University of Western Australia in 2008. He is now an Associate Professor at UWA’s School of Psychology and a Research Fellow of the Australian Research Council. He won the 2011 UWA Young Investigator Award and was a finalist for WA’s Early-Career Scientist of the Year award in 2012.

Catherine Archer
Lecturer and PhD candidate, Murdoch University

Catherine Archer is a researcher and lecturer in Public Relations with the School of Arts at Murdoch University. Catherine is undertaking her PhD at the University of WA focusing on bloggers (in particular mums who blog) and their interactions within their community, with their readers and with marketers.  Her Masters’ Thesis looked at employer branding in the health industry. Catherine has published in academic journals and presented at many international conferences. Prior to working as an academic, Catherine had more than 15 years in industry, working in services marketing management as well as public relations, communications and consulting.

Danielle Henry
Media & Communications Manager, Perth Zoo

Danielle Henry is the Media  Manager for Perth Zoo. Her role involves coordinating the  communications activities of Perth Zoo as well as managing and devising content for the Zoo's  social media accounts and integration of social activity with the general media profile of the Zoo.  Danielle previously worked at Taronga Zoo in Sydney helping to build a digital fan base and advocates for the conservation society and was the Australian Media Manager for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's World Parks Congress where social channels were used effectively to reach delegate registration goals for this international event. 

Danielle has a Media and Communication degree from the University of Canberra.