Culture Change: Building a future ready public sector

Preparing to meet the challenges of the coming decades

Events - 10 Nov 2015

By 2050 Western Australia and its capital city will be very different from how they are today, as a result of population change and integration into the global and digital economies. What challenges does this present for the public sector? How can public sector leaders successfully transform their strategy and business to meet the future? How critical is culture in successfully delivering change?

Some of the challenges the public sector will face in the next three decades include:

  • Planning for and providing services to 3.5 million people in Perth-Peel by 2050;
  • Managing human impact on a global biodiversity hotspot, and in a drying, warming climate;
  • Fostering WA’s participation in global and digital economies.

Meeting these challenges will require an increased capacity for strategy, innovation and agility.  These skills can be attained but will only flourish in the right culture.  Through a series of case studies and research-based insights, this session identified drivers for change in the public sector and ways to lead cultural transformation.

Topics Included:

  • Organisational culture
  • Leadership
  • Forward looking public sector
  • Drivers of change
  • Transformational change


A Future Ready Public Sector - Duncan Mackay
Values, governance and performance in digital times - Andrew Lee
Change Without The Crisis - Brad Royce

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Duncan Mackay
Regional Services Reform Unit
Department of Regional Development
Duncan Mackay is a specialist in strategy, policy and organisational change. He’s been with the Western Australia public sector for 15 years, working for Landgate, the Department of Commerce and the Housing Authority. He recently took up a new role as an Executive Director with the State Government’s Regional Services Reform Unit Before joining the public service, Duncan worked as an historian, a journalist and a novelist.
Brad Royce
WA Police
Susanne Martins
Manager of Workforce Development
Housing Authority of Western Australia

Susanne Martins, Manager of Workforce Development and Project Management currently working for the Housing Authority.With a decade and a half of experience in her field, Susanne is uniquely positioned to oversee a wide range of tasks on behalf of the Housing Authority in Western Australia, which provides affordable housing solutions within the State. During the course of her daily routine, she drives organisational cultural change, workforce planning, project and transformational change practices that builds the capability and capacity of the Housing Authority workforce.

Susanne is passionate about transformational change due to her prior industry experiences and her educational background, which includes a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Human Resources and Organization Development from Curtin University, a Diploma from the Institute of Company Directors, and a Master’s in Education with a research thesis on cultural intelligence in workplace leadership from Murdoch University.  
One of Susanne’s external roles is also as a volunteer Board member of the global Change Management Institute where she is committed to raising the education standards related to change leadership.  

Andrew Lee
Director Strategy Policy and Governance
Department of Transport
Andrew Lee is Director Strategy, Policy and Governance with the Driver and Vehicle Services division of the Department of Transport.   His experience in the Western Australian public service includes managing regulatory change with the Departments of Commerce, and Communities.  He has also worked as a ministerial and shadow ministerial policy adviser in the State and Commonwealth sectors.