2016/17 Federal Budget

What it means for your savings and super plans

Member Events - 14 Jun 2016

There has been much discussion surrounding the 2016/17 Federal Budget after it was released earlier this month, with changes to key elements of the systems that will affect an individual’s financial future. Many people remain unclear as to exactly how these changes will affect their personal finances.

We have partnered up with nationally recognised financial planners and IPAA WA Premier Corporate Member StatePlus, to help you understand exactly what this budget means for you. 

This session provided insights on how personal finances and superannuation are set to be impacted by the 2016/17 Federal Budget.

Topics Discussed

  • Overview of budget – what do we know so far?
  • The devil in the detail – how will I be affected?
  • Industry opinion/perspective – what are the experts saying?
  • An election sort of budget – where to from here and will anything actually change?


Jason Andriessen
General Manager, Marketing and Financial Planning

Jason is a professional financial planner. He joined StatePlus in 1999 and has since worked in financial advice, as well as in regional and general management.

In his current role as General Manager of Marketing, Product and Advice, Jason is responsible for ensuring that StatePlus advice and products are of the highest quality and meet the needs of a changing financial landscape.

Jason is passionate about helping more Australians access quality financial advice, and as a member of the Financial Services Council’s Advice Board Committee, he works to raise professional standards across the financial advice industry.

Jason has a Master of Commerce Degree with Distinction, a Bachelor of Business with a major in marketing and a Diploma of Financial Planning. He is a Certified Financial Planner and Senior Associate of FINSIA.