Sustainable Indigenous Employment

Events - 29 Jul 2011

“Indigenous Australians are three times more likely to be unemployed and 58% rely on welfare as their primary source of income.” Australian Employment Convenant (AEC).

With that stat in mind, what can be done to create sustainable employment for Indigenous Australians?

The AEC was officially launched in October 2008 with the mission to achieve fitfy thousand sustainable Ingigenous Jobs. Hear from AEC Chief Executive Officer, Rhonda Parkes to see if their goals are still on track and their successes and challenges to date.

Case studies were shared from both public and private organisations, providing examples of sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous people.


Ms Ronda Parker
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Employment Covenant

Russell Shaw
Project Manager
Kimberly Indigenous Support Services
Department of Agriculture and Food

Maurice Griffin
Indigenous Training Manager
Department of Agriculture and Food


Peter Donovan
Aboriginal Economic Development
Department of Indigenous Affairs

Mark Anderson
Chief Executive Officer


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