Public Sector Efficiency

Events - 4 May 2017

In a frugal environment, finding creative and effective measures that improve public sector efficiency is ever more critical. 

In May as the W.A. state budget continues to take hits from all directions, our session explored two well-developed approaches to organisational efficiency. Design-thinking and Six Sigma, borrowed from the private sector, are already employed successfully in some areas of the public service across Australia.

IPAA’s 2014 paper on public sector innovation highlighted the importance of design-thinking, “Developing ‘frugal innovations’ in a context of resource constraints is much more likely through ‘out of the box’ thinking and design thinking approaches”. Read more here»

Beyond out-of-the box thinking, a deep analytical approach to business process improvement has yielded efficiency in large corporate organisations such as Motorola and General Electric over nearly three decades. The process is known as ‘Six Sigma’ and has gained a following among early adopters in the Western Australian public sector. 


How does CBA see Design Thinking? - Richard Wiles


  • Public sector efficiency
  • Design-thinking
  • Six Sigma
  • Business process improvement
  • Innovation


Auditor General, Office of the Auditor General;
Vice President, IPAA WA


Maryann Hazard
Co-founder and Director, More Than Ideas

After an extensive career working in and with government on complex issues Maryann set up more than ideas ™ to provide a place for organisations to go to get the extra momentum they often need to drive meaningful change. A strong advocate of client-centred design and design thinking mixed with solid analytics, Maryann has worked in close partnership with numerous government, not for profit and private organisations across Australia to disrupt thinking and behaviour. 



Richard Wiles
Director Institutional Banking and Markets, Commonwealth Bank

Richard leads CBA’s Health, Education and Government Team in Western Australia and has over 20 years’ experience in Banking & Finance in Australia and the UK. Richard is trained in Design Thinking methodology, has completed Stanford University’s Tools of Innovation course and has facilitated design thinking sessions for clients around Australia and overseas.

Marilyn Martinick
Senior Manager Process Transformation, Bankwest

Marilyn is a Six Sigma Black Belt with 15 years operational excellence experience gained in multiple countries (Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia) across finance services and intellectual property industries leading transformational changes and Six Sigma Black Belt deployments.