Moving Beyond the Barriers - Full Day

Women in Leadership & Driving Culture Change

Events - 28 Jun 2011

City West was filled with women as they attended a morning seminar celebrating diversity in the work place. An afternoon workshop followed the seminar, facilitated by Dr Linley Lord, Director Maureen Bickley Centre for Women in Leadership -Curtin Graduate School of Business.

Topics & Questions covered at this event included:

  • Latest research related to women in leadership
  • Inspiration and ideas from other organisations
  • Case studies of what other organisations are doing to progress women in leadership
  • Learn to implement some of the tools from the "Women in Leadership:  Strategies for Change” report.

Panel Speakers included:

Dr Linley Lord
Director Maureen Bickley Centre for Women in Leadership
Curtin Graduate School of Business
Curtin University

Michelle Fyfe
Acting Assistant Commissioner
Chair of Executive Committee for Women
Western Australia Police 
Alison Maggs
Assistant Director with Government Protocol
Department of Treasury and Finance 
Margie Tannock
Minter Ellison Lawyers

PowerPoint Presentations


Linley Lord - Curtin Graduate School Of Business Michelle Fyfe - WA Police
Michelle Fyfe - WA Police
Margie Tannock - Minter Ellison Lawyers Alison Maggs - Department Of Treasury & Finance responds to questions Linley Lord responds to questions
Michelle Fyfe answers questions from the audience
Institute CEO Alison Petrie with panelists, Margie Tannock, Alison Maggs, Linley Lord & Michelle Fyfe