IPAA WA Service Priority Review Workshop

Events - 10 Jul 2017

This session was for emerging leaders, young professionals and those with an interest in a strong public sector. 

  • How can the public sector improve the way it designs and delivers services?
  • What better technologies and systems can the public sector use?
  • How can agencies better collaborate with each other, and with other sectors?
  • What can leaders in the public sector do to help you perform better at work?

These questions and more were put to aspiring leaders and young professionals at this facilitated workshop.

The Service Priority Review was announced by the State Government in May 2017 to drive lasting reform and cultural change across the public sector.

Led by a three-member panel, chaired by former New Zealand State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie, the review is looking at ways the public sector can do business better, smarter and more affordably.

The panel would like to hear first-hand from dynamic public sector workers with a passion for innovation and change. The ideas discussed in the workshop will help shape the independent panel’s report to the State Government in October 2017.