Managing your Personal Finances During a Period of Change

Free Event for Individual and Corporate Members

Member Events - 30 Nov 2017

During uncertain times, it’s important to take control of your finances and develop the right strategy that works for your personal circumstances.

IPAA WA has organised this sold out event with Premier Member StatePlus, to provide members, with current and highly relevant information regarding a broad range of financial matters that could affect their financial future and security.

This event provided a forum for discussion on the complexities of managing your personal finances, preparing for any changes in your circumstances and maximising your superannuation benefits to take advantage of strategies unique to the government schemes.

StatePlus identified common issues that public sector workers face when preparing their financials in the lead up to retiring from work or leaving the public sector workforce, as well as providing easy to understand information that could make a big difference to your retirement, no matter how far away that may be.

Financial planning experts were available to answer questions throughout the session.

Topics that were covered included:

  • Financial goals, budgeting and cash flow
  • Investing lump sums such as redundancy payments and inheritances
  • Superannuation strategies exclusive to GESB members
  • Changes to super laws and what this means to investors
  • Rules of accessing super (age, access points, retirement income)
  • Estate Planning


Gordon Wallace
WA Regional Manager, StatePlus

Gordon Wallace is the WA Regional Manager for StatePlus, specialists in financial advice and superannuation for members of the public sector. Gordon has over 20 years financial services experience in both the UK and Australia, working in diverse sectors such as foreign exchange, finance and financial planning for national and international banks and boutique firms. 

Teika Porrins-Chinnery
Employer Relations Manager, StatePlus

Teika Porrins-Chinnery is the Employer Relations Manager for StatePlus, specialising in member education and financial advice for the public sector. She has a strong background in both public and private superannuation. Teika is also the Chairperson of Women in Super for WA, a national advocacy and networking group for women employed in the superannuation and financial services industries. She focusses on maintaining strong networks with industry, employers and the community.