Conversations with a DG

Building a Future Ready Sector

Events - 26 Jul 2011

The first in a series of Conversations with a Director General, participants shared an intimate conversation with one of the most enthusiastic drivers of innovation in the state public sector.

Director General Rob Delane PSM heads up the Department of Agriculture and Food and has had a long established career in the state and federal public service, receiving a Public Service Medal for outstanding service to the agricultural industries and community of Western Australia. Mr Delane is a keen promoter of regional, State, national and international cooperative initiatives and government-industry partnerships.

His presentation "Building a Future Ready Sector" included thoughts on driving innovation and changing the culture of an organisation.

Rob defined innovation as "a change that adds value" and said "innovation in the public sector is about the way we work not just what we work on, what’s in the hearts and minds of our people is what is important - what are we doing to engage them, open them up."

Rob also identified challenges for the public sector when driving innovation including leadership, management and cultural challenges and said there needs to be a balance of leadership, management and capability development.

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PowerPoint Presentation


2011 Conversations with a DG - Rob Delane