2018 President's Address

With WA Premier, the Hon. Mark McGowan MLA

Events - 8 Mar 2018

Hosted by IPAA WA President Mr Colin Murphy PSM, we welcomed WA Premier; Minister for Public Sector Management; State Development, Jobs and Trade; Federal-State Relations and IPAA WA Vice Patron, the Honourable Mark McGowan MLA, who delivered the 2018 IPAA WA President's Address.

This address each year by a senior state government minister is an opportunity for the public service, whose professional responsibility is to serve that government, to gain firsthand understanding of the policy environment for the year ahead.

In addition to addressing the policy environment this event also provided an opportunity to hear the presenter’s perspective on the key emerging social issues of the time.

IPAA's 2018 President's Address provided the opportunity for participants to identify critical public sector issues and build an understanding of the context in which they and their organisation are operating. 

Topics Included:

  • The policy agenda for the year ahead
  • Emerging social issues
  • Key emerging issues in public administration as seen from the perspective of IPAA WA President


President, IPAA WA;
WA Auditor General




Keynote Speaker

Hon. Mark McGowan MLA
WA Premier; Minister for Public Sector Management; State Development, Jobs and Trade; Federal-State Relations.

Mark was the Deputy Mayor of Rockingham before winning the State seat of Rockingham in December 1996.

In the years since his election to the Western Australian Parliament, Mark has held many senior portfolios in both Government and Opposition.

He was Parliamentary Secretary to former Premier Geoff Gallop and has served as a Minister in the portfolios of Education and Training; Environment; Racing and Gaming; Tourism and South West.

Across each portfolio he brought about lasting change with some key policy initiatives.

In the years preceding the election of his Labor government, Mark served as Manager of Opposition Business, as well as Shadow Minister for State Development; and Planning and Housing.

He was elected Leader of the Opposition on 23 January 2012 and chose to retain responsibility for the portfolios of Regional Development, Economic Reform and Public Sector Management.

In the 2017 State Election, WA Labor won 41 Legislative Assembly seats and Mark became the 30th Premier of Western Australia.