2018 IPAA WA Espresso Series - Session 3

Tackling blind spots

Events - 10 Oct 2018
We welcomed, Rika Asaoka, intercultural competency specialist to join Lucie Hammond for the program.
Rika’s insights sharpened delegates' practise as a 21st century leaders, so that they could save time and money by improving workplace communication, increase staff engagement, and reduce stress. 
Virtual reality (VR) and diversity collide later in the session. Complete with feature-phone ready goggles, we explored a powerful new tool for tackling unconscious bias. Lucie Hammond discussed the powerful insights gained in providing VR enabled training to senior leadership of a large corporate organisation. 


Rika Asaoka
Director and Facilitator
Language and Culture

Having lived and worked in Japan, Australia and Malaysia for over 25 years in positions of Japanese Language Trainer, Interpreter, Consultant and Senior Marketing Manager, Rika has acquired an in-depth knowledge and experience in working across different cultures.

Over the years, she has worked with a number of multi nationals across a wide range of sectors including motor, steel, manufacturing, trading, and service industries. Her clients have included National Panasonic, Toyota Motors, Hyatt, Nissan Motors, Sony, Ericsson, Proton, and KSPC.
She strongly believes in a practical training approach for adult language learners while paying attention to cultural awareness.
Her experience as a professional in international corporations confirms that even a basic knowledge of a foreign language and the culture of another party of interest makes a huge difference in the growing personal and business relationships. Her wish is to assist West Australians and West Australian companies to gain knowledge of Asian languages and cultures to enrich their personal experiences and business interests.

Lucie Hammond
Being VR

About BeingVR
In the Diversity and Inclusion space little progress has been made over the past 30 years and BeingVR (then branded Diversifly) saw an opportunity to provide alternative tools using emerging tech to disrupt current ways of working.

BeingVR has pioneered the 360 role-play for learning and awareness raising in Unconscious Bias (filmed and piloted at EY) and Inclusive Leadership (a collaboration with Bankwest). The 360 role-play allows the learner to participate actively in a multi-sensory experience,  amplifying the emotional response to subject matter and increasing the potential for behavioural change.

About guest speaker, Lucie Hammond
Lucie Hammond, BeingVR Founder is an entrepreneur with a huge amount of energy for learning, growth and realising people potential through new and emerging disruptive technology. With a background in corporate communications, change, psychotherapy and executive coaching she is well placed to explore people performance in the digital age.

Series Facilitator

Ashleigh Brand
Project Leader - Kaleidoscope Initiative
City of Stirling

Ashleigh is a highly experienced project manager, facilitator, diversity and leadership trainer and coach.  She is committed to assisting workplaces to become more diverse.  She is also a social change-maker with a passion to help newcomers realise their full potential in Western Australia.

Ashleigh has more than 20 years' experience working in communications, change management, organisational development, policy and technology.  She also has more than eight years' experience running her own business, consulting and project managing.  She is an accredited coach and has skills and experience in leadership development, human resources, project management, business process improvement and policy development.

Series Host

EY is extremely proud to be the venue host of this series and see diversity and inclusiveness as integral to how they serve their clients, develop their people and play a leadership role in our communities. EY have won multiple awards for their dedication to this area and their policies and practices in D&I have been a role model to many organisations.