Work Smarter: Live Better

with Cyril Peupion

Events - 8 Sep 2011

Delivered by Cyril Peupion, author of Work Smarter, Live Better, this workshop focused on challenging current work habits to create behaviour change regarding how people execute their work on a daily basis.

Too many emails, never getting to the end of the to-do-list, out of control diary and not being able to leave work at a reasonable time are some of the challenges we face on a daily basis. This workshop explored simple, practical tools to move from reactive to proactive and allow you to have more control at work.

Some of Cyril's advice included:

  • Don't leave your email until you've made a decision.
  • High performance = no interruptions or distractions (we are interrupted on average every 3 minutes!)
  • Do not underestimate the power of a clean desk.
  • Effectiveness needs to scroll down, start from the top (managers, CEO's).
  • Your calendar should be used to record your time, not just meetings (but also plan for at least 2 hours of interruptions a day)
  • Think quarterly (high impact activities), plan weekly (schedule in your diary), act daily (it is ok to say NO)

About the Author

Cyril PeupionBased in Sydney, Cyril Peupion is Managing Partner and co-founder of Primary Asset Consulting, an acclaimed author and respected coach.

He has held senior roles in business and talent development in Europe and Australia. His understanding of senior executives and their teams has led Cyril to develop highly respected customised efficiency and effectiveness solutions for the Australian and international market. He is a passionate coach in the area of individual and organisational performance, challenging leaders' work habits to dramatically improve their company's performance and bottom line. Read more

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