YPAC Insights Breakfast:The future of the public sector

What young professionals need to know

Events - 10 Jul 2019

Bringing together an insightful panel this session explored the key trends shaping the future of work in the Public Sector through the lens of Work/Worker/Workplace. It explored what skills young professionals will need to succeed in this future.

Key Takeaways

  1. Technology is enabling work, but the human element cannot be replaced.
  2. Your career belongs to you. Employees are increasingly responsible for their own development and employers are important partners to facilitate opportunities.
  3. The workplace is becoming more customer-centric and flexible, but this presents a challenge to maintaining human connections with colleagues.

Related Reading

The path to prosperity: Why the future of work is human - Deloitte, 2019

Topics Discussed

  • the changing nature of work
  • designing modern workspaces
  • skills for the future.


Veronica Holmes
Director, Human Capital Consulting

Michelle Maclean
Building Management and Works, Department of Finance

Julia Richardson
Head of the School of Management, Professor of Human Resources Management
Curtin University

Lisa Kazalac 
Professional Vogue