RightClick 2011


Events - 30 Sep 2011


This marked the 3rd year of RightClick and showcased the impact of new technology in the work place and how to engage with the community online both safely and securely.

Participants got involved through twitter and SMS polls, engaging with presenters both online and through the various panel discussions.

Technology has changed the way we communicate with our friends, family & loved ones - now we are surrounded with new apps and plug in's to connect with people instantly online.

Can organisations survive in the 21st Century if they choose to ignore new technology and try to control the super information highway? 

Case studies were delivered from public and private sector, exploring the challenges and opportunities social media and technology has provided in reaching their target audience.

Topics included:

  • Why should government adopt digital media?
  • Benefits of social networking services
  • Implications for policy makers and those employing young people in the workplace
  • Expanding young people’s digital citizenship
  • Communicating and engaging internal & external stakeholders
  • Security and privacy issues
  • The role of a Government 2.0 Advocate


Tenille Bentley
Managing Director
Socialite Media
The Psychology and Practical Applications of Social Media

Read our interview with Tenille on why you can't afford to be left behind.

Mike Bradford 
Chief Executive Officer
Using an Online Engagement Strategy to Drive an Innovation Culture


Dr Axel Bruns
Associate Professor, Creative Industries Faculty
Queensland University of Technology
Social Media Use in the Queensland Floods and Christchurch Earthquake


Michael Malone 
Managing Director
Managing Online Identities


Colin Murphy
Auditor General
Office of the Auditor General
Cyber Security – A Challenge Shared

Dr Ingrid Richardson 
Senior Lecturer
School of Media Communication and Culture
Faculty of Arts, Education and Creative Media
Murdoch University
Cybersafety, Social Networking and the Personal Web: Young People and Adults in Conversation

David StewartDavid Stewart 
Partner & Group Head of Wrays Lawyers
Wrays Intellectual Property
Privacy and Confidential Information - What are the Implications?

Craig Thomler
Gov 2.0 Advocate
Successful Application of Government 2.0 in a Government 1.0 world


Dr Tarun Weeramanthri
Executive Director
Public Health Division, WA Health
Using Yammer in Government to Improve Staff Communication



PowerPoint Presentations

Mike Bradford presentation

Dr Axel Bruns presentation

Tenille Bentley handout

Michael Malone presentation

Colin Murphy presentation

Dr Ingrid Richardson presentation

David Stewart presentation

Craig Thomler presentation

Tarun Weeramanthri presentation


RightClick SMS Poll Results

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