Public Sector Leadership: Concepts & Skills for the Future

Partnered Events - 19 Oct 2011


"Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall." - Stephen R. Covey

  • What leadership skills are needed for future public sector leaders?
  • What understandings, concepts and theories should a leader be considering as they plan their professional development?
  • How can we move beyond a technocratic view of leadership?

The seminar answered these questions and provided a different set of core leadership skills that have been identified as supporting creative and innovative leadership. Respondents commented on behalf of the public sector to the concepts and skills presented.

Topics Included

  • Leadership for Sustainability
  • Public Policy
  • Ethics and Leadership
  • Law and Society
  • Governance and Globalisation


Greg Cash (Respondent)
Director of Affordable Housing Policy
Department of Housing

Dr Kenneth Chern
Former United States of America Consul General

Governance and Globalisation


David Gee 
Wesley College

Ethics and Leadership


Dr Yvonne Haigh 
Lecturer in Politics / Public Policy
Murdoch University

Public Policy: Balancing Application with Creativity

Sue McCarrey (Respondent)
Deputy Director General
Department of Transport


Dr Brad Pettitt
City of Fremantle

Leadership for Sustainability


Professor Gary Wickham
Professor of Sociology
Murdoch University

Law and Modern Western Society


A Partnership Event



PowerPoint Slides

Brad Pettitt presentation

David Gee presentation

Ken Chern presentation

Yvonne Haigh presentation