Government Collaboration in Practice

Events - 29 Feb 2012

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." - Henry Ford

Collaboration is an acknowledged objective of the current state government (Economic Audit Committe, 2009). It is intended that siloed operation by government agencies will become a thing of the past.

How as a member of the public service can you contribute to this vision of a collaborative future?

The process of collaboration is acknowledged to be a challenging exercise (Hudson, Hardy, Henwood, & Wistow, 1999). Entering into a collaborative relationship requires participants to negotiate the personal challenge of balancing their role as advocates, of their own organisation or stakeholders, and becoming a genuine participant in the collaborative space.  How do you balance this dual role? 

Increasingly the problems faced by government are multi-faceted requiring the input of many rather than one single agency. How do you bring multiple agencies together? How do you choose who needs to participate?

These questions and more were addressed at this seminar to help participants  contribute to the collaborative future of Western Australia.

Topics Explored

  • Collaboration and stakeholder engagement. 
  • Techniques and tools used to foster positive working relationships at policy and operative levels.


Martin Ringer
Group Institute International


Richard Muirhead
State Director
CHOGM 2011



Chris Dawson APM
Deputy Commissioner
Western Australia Police


Stephanie Buckland
Chief Executive Officer
Tourism WA



PowerPoint Presentations

Richard Muirhead, State Director CHOGM 2011 Chris Dawson APM, Deputy Commissioner Western Australia Police Stephanie Buckland, CEO Tourism WA
Stephanie Buckland, CEO Tourism WA Martin Ringer, Director Group Institute International