Shaping the Views at the Top 2012

Young Professional Series Event

Events - 22 Jun 2012

This year’s ‘Shaping the Views at the Top’ (now in its 5th year) seminar proved popular with more than 100 young professionals from 31 organisations coming together for the opportunity to contribute their ideas to Public Sector policy development.

The event centred on a mentored workshop session in which delegates responded to the five pressing policy issues presented by the guest chief executives.  The pressing issues raised were ‘Encouraging Public Participation in Democracy’, ‘Collaboration in Government, ‘Help Wanted: Efficiency and Innovation in Public Service Delivery’, ‘Our Future Workforce’, and ‘Allocating the Oceans’.

Each issue was delivered by in focused 10minute presentations. These sharp presentations were well received by delegates.

The workshop generated a great deal of energy in the room. It was evident that people relished the opportunity to tackle the complex issues involved and work beyond their normal day to day boundaries.

Some of the ideas to emerge from the delegates include the need to look outside traditional industry or policy boundaries for examples of best practice and inspiration, the potential for a big Australia to resolve the skills gap, and opportunities to harness emerging communication technologies to make the necessary productivity improvements.


Topics Included

  • Key emerging policy challenges
  • Developing whole-of-government responses
  • The policy development process
  • Engaging the new generation of public sector professionals


Sven Blummel
Information Commissioner
Office of the Information Commissioner



Susan Hunt 
Chief Executive
Perth Zoo 


Tim Marney
Under Treasurer
Department of Treasury


Dr. Ruth Shean
Director General
Department Of Training and Workforce Development

Stuart Smith
Chief Executive
Department of Fisheries    


PowerPoint Presentations

Download Susan Hunt's presentation

Download Tim Marney's presentation 

Download Dr. Ruth Shean's presentation

Download Stuart Smith's presentation