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Events - 19 Jul 2012

As a leader what should your professional development priorities be over the next year? Are good leaders born or made? What are the elements of a successful coaching or mentoring relationship?  Are the qualities of good managers and good leaders the same or complementary?  These and other key ideas were discussed at the Public Sector Leadership seminar.

Dr Troy Hendrickson opened the seminar and described good leadership as "something that you know when you experience it. Connecting with people is a difficult challenge and creating a culture where people feel motivated and enthusiastic about their role is something that must be done intentionally and deliberately."

Troy's presentation provoked thinking around leadership, learning, engagement and motivation and recomended "don't let good times lull you into stasis, remain focused on the objective and opportunities."

Coaching and mentoring has emerged as an essential element in the personal development of current and future leaders. Jack Busch and Brodie Dawkins discussed the ins and outs of success in these areas. 

The Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA) DG Rob Delane rounded out the seminar with a case study of DAFWA's leadership experience and commented "the best ideas no not always emanate from the leaders or the loudest in the organisation."

Topics Included:

  • Local level of leadership
  • Spheres of control
  • Coaching models
  • Case study 'People Leadership' from the Department of Agriculture and Food W.A. (DAFWA)


Why Your Leadership Matters
Dr Troy Hendrickson Dr Hendrickson is the Director, Master of Business Leadership at Curtin Graduate School of Business. From this position Troy is able to stay up to date with the very latest in leadership trends across all sectors of the economy.



Turbocharging Your Leadership
A discussion on the latest in mentoring and coaching: What are they and the keys to success for you and your organisation.
Jack Busch & Brodie Dawkins

Jack Busch PSM
Jack has extensive experience in leadership roles in the Western Australian Public Sector (including over 10 years as CEO) and the Voluntary Sector (as a volunteer). He has also been a leadership coach for eight years. As a leadership coach he is passionate about working with leaders and aspiring leaders. He believes that successful leaders have a special energy, a constancy about their enthusiasm and drive, a capacity to thrive on challenge – they are enjoying the leadership journey, THEIR leadership journey.

Brodie Dawkins
Brodie is the Manager of Neighbourhood Amenity at the City of Melville with responsibility of compliance, community safety and emergency management.

He has over 12 years experience in the Public Sector at both State and Local levels, including 8 years of mentoring. His work at the City of Melville has included implementation of the organisation’s Leadership Framework in which mentoring is a key element. 

The 'People Leadership' Experience
Rob Delane
Rob is the Director General at the Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia (DAFWA) and is currently leading a comprehensive transformation of the Department, plus initiatives to foster greater innovation in the public sector.  Rob believes that sustained whole-of-department leadership and development of our staff is critical to our success.  Therefore, the contribution of People Leaders is critical to the success of the department and is an integral part of enabling our people to be extraordinary and do extraordinary things.

PowerPoint Presentations

Download Dr Troy Hendrickson's presentation

Download Rob Delane's persentation


Panel talks leadership From Left: Jack Busch, Brodie Dawkins, Alison Petrie, Rob Delane & Dr Troy Hendrickson Brodie Dawkins and Jack Busch talk coaching & mentoring
Department of Agriculture & Food WA DG Rob Delane shares 'people leadership' experience