Young Professionals Meet and Greet

Member Events - 19 Oct 2012

The Institute's Young Professional Advisory Committee (YPAC) invited all Young Professional Members and their guests to a special 'meet and greet' networking event and prove that public servant's CAN have fun! The YPAC also launched the new Young Professionals brand and encouraged all YP's to have a say in their professional association.

IPAA WA President, Ms Sue McCarrey provided a unique perspective on her role as Deputy Director General at the Department of Transport and the challenges and opportunities young professionals in the sector would face during their career.

"You are the future of the public service and when I am retired, it will be in your hands - you need to make time for yourself and ensure you have a good work/life balance," Ms McCarrey said.

YPAC Chair Rachel Morrice said "we used the opportunity to introduce the committee members and let YP’s know what we’re doing and what we want to achieve as Young Professionals working in a changing Public Sector.

We also aim to enhance and share knowledge through events and forums where YP’s can discuss key public sector issues with experienced public servants and share innovative idea s to help shape the future of the public service."

The YPAC has been developed to support and promote the interests of YP’s in the Western Australian public sector. 

To find out more about becoming a Young Professional Member, click here.

Photo Gallery

Adele Coyne, Vice Chair YPAC welcomes members & guest's IPAA WA President Ms Sue McCarrey presents her insight on working for the public sector
Adele Coyne, Vice Chair YPAC Young Professional Advisory Committee
IPAA WA President Ms Sue McCarrey talks to YP's