Producing a Brilliant Annual Report

Whilst adhering to government framework

Events - 20 Mar 2013

This annual event provided corporate communicators and those involved in writing and developing their agency's annual reports, the low down on how to produce an annual report that meets the requirements of their agency and stakeholders as well as the Public Sector Commission's 2012-13 Annual Reporting Framework.

Presenters provided the latest tips, innovative tools and best practice approaches to Producing a Brilliant Annual Report and the critical elements that impact on bringing an annual report together to meet key accountability and communication requirements.  

This year featured a new Digital Reports session, providing practical tips and rules of publishing online from the perspective of a graphic designer and consulting/design firm, Key2Creative.

Top 5 elements to producing your annual report presenters indentified included;

  1. Keep it simple - your report should tell a story and be understood by its audience
  2. Annual report should be intuitive (like an Apple product) - easy navigation
  3. Design of your report should cater to the needs of your audience (ie: mature aged & disabled)
  4. Photographs, tables and diagrams need to be attributed or be identified in the surrounding text (limit the use of colour & consider what it looks like in black & white)
  5. Costs of your report should be accounted for (labour, software etc - not existing infrastructure such as your website)

Facilitated By

Tony Malkovic
Managing Director
Hyde Park Media

Presentation not available



Brilliant Annual Reporting
Professor Chris Doepel

Chair W.S. Lonnie Awards Judging Panel
Dean, School of Business
University of Notre Dame Australia

Download Chris Doepel's presentation

Annual Reporting Framework
Talitha Engstroem
A/Policy and Project Officer – Annual Report Framework
Public Sector Commission

Download Talitha Engstroem's presentation

Producing a Winning Annual Report
David Lee-Steere
Manager Corporate Strategy and Performance
Economic Regulation Authority (Winner of 2012 WS Lonnie Award)

Download David Lee-Steere's Presentation

The Latest in Digital Publishing
Alan Jennings
Account Director

Download Alan Jenning's Presentation

Financial Reporting Requirements

Mark Hort MBA, CPA, B Com (Acc), B Arts (Asian Studies)
State Finances/Financial Policy 
Department of Treasury

Download Mark Hort's Presentation

Joining the Panel
Paul Wilding
Director of Management & Practice in Agency Support
Public Sector Commission

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