Wi-Fi Work

Exploring the Possibilities of the Digital Age

Partnered Events - 9 May 2013


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In coming decades the public sector faces a productivity crunch as the available workforce diminishes and the demand for services increases.

Information technology enabled work (Wi-Fi Work) offers a way to meet the many needs of today’s and tomorrow’s workforce. It offers the possibility of radically redesigned work, such as Activity Based Work (ABW) currently in practice by some of Australia's leading financial institutions.

Workplaces have become more in tune with people rather than the process. However, no amount of technology will enable an organisation to achieve the benefits of Wi-Fi Working if individuals, supervisors and managers are not comfortable with the new practises. 

This session highlighted the experiences of two leading edge workspaces, PwC and Spacecubed, while highly regarded coach and psychologist, Alistair Box, discussed how individuals and leaders could adapt to thrive in these new environments.

Topics Included

  • Activity Based Work
  • Collaborative work spaces
  • Changing your own and the workforce’ mindsets to adopt to changes
  • Productivity
  • Change Management
  • Workforce Strategy


Activity Based Work: The Early Days
Justin Carroll
Managing Partner
PwC Perth

Presentation not available.

Spacecubed: The Imaginative New Workspace
Brodie McCulloch
Managing Director
Social innovation in Western Australia

Download Brodie's presentation 

Preparing Yourself for the Future Workplace
Alistair Box
Organisational Psychologist
Total Leadership and Coaching

Download Alistair's presentation

Steve Woodland
Government Architect for Western Australia
Office of the Government Architect

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Wi Fi Work IPAA WA President Sue McCarrey kicks off the seminar PwC Partner, Justin Carrol - WiFi Work
PwC Partner, Justin Carrol - WiFi Work Founder of Spacecubed, Brodie McCulloch - Wifi Work Organisational Psychologist, Alistair Box talks preparing for the future workplace
Government Architect for Western Australia, Steve Woodland explains workplace typologies Government Architect for Western Australia, Steve Woodland explains workplace typologies Panel Q&A - WiFi Work
Panel Q&A - WiFi Work Panel Q&A - WiFi Work