Culture Change

How To Implement Sustainable Change and Drive Higher Performance

Events - 30 Apr 2014

“There are three cultural traits that will help deliver the change we need – agility, vocation and vision. We need to harness these traits to overcome the powerful forces of inertia and conservatism that exist in any organisation."  - How to bring about change in the Public Service, Terry Moran AC FIPPA,  2010

There are a number of significant and forthcoming changes in the public sector that will have or have had a significant impact upon organisational culture at all levels of government operating in Western Australia.

Many of our State and Commonwealth members have in the last 12-18 months participated in a machinery of government changes bringing them together with new teams and personalities and in some instances being tasked with new organisational objectives. Our members in metropolitan local government meanwhile are preparing for significant organisational change with amalgamations to occur in 2015. The ramifications of these changes can be both obvious and subtle, many elements can be planned for but many others must be dealt with only after the dust has settled.

External factors stemming from social, technological, economic, and political change including decreasing government revenues, increasing public expectations, along with the challenges of a rapidly growing and an ageing population will affect every aspect of the capacity of, and expectations placed upon, the public service.

This seminar shared stories of contemporary and deliberate culture change to assist delegates to undergo or manage a culture change process within their own organisations.

Topics Included:

•    Why change? 
•    Setting appropriate objectives
•    The broader context in which change occured
•    Implementation
•    Lessons learned and especially what worked
•    Evaluating the change


Sue McCarrey
Deputy Director General
Department of Transport
IPAA WA President

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Stuart Smith
Director General
Department of Fisheries

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Greg Bayne
Total Leader and Coach Solutions Australia

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