2014 Budget Briefing

Events - 16 May 2014

The 2014 Budget Briefing luncheon is an opportunity for public servants, from across all levels of government, to learn about the WA State Budget and reflect upon how it will influence their planning and programs for the coming year.

It is one of  IPAA WA’s  premier annual events and our highly regarded presenters will provide commentary on the economic environment; the year’s budget; and the financial agenda for both that State and Commonwealth governments in the year ahead. There was a particular focus on the impact of the budget's on the public sector.


Topics Included

  • Analysis of the 2014/15 State budget.
  • Possible impacts upon public service delivery.
  • Commentary on the current and predicted economic conditions facing Australia and Western Australia.
  • The state of public finances in Australia and Western Australia.


Sue McCarrey
Deputy Director General 
Policy, Planning and Investment 
Department of Transport



John Daley
Chief Executive Officer
Grattan Institute (Melbourne)

Download John Daley's presentation



Dr Simon Avenell
Partner & PwC WA Government Leader

Download Dr Simon Avenell's presentation