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Event Date
20 Sep 2019
Public Sector Young Professionals’ Conference
Crafting a career with impact
This conference will provide a forum for in-depth discussion of the critical issues affecting career prospects for the public sector’s young professionals.

Event Date
17 Oct 2019
Seamless Digital Government
Full-Day Conference
Framed around the five objectives of the Office of Digital Government, this conference is shaping as a vital contributor to the digital transformation journey.

Event Date
13 Nov 2019
Women in Public Sector Leadership
Full-day Conference
Coming in November this year, this full day conference will provide an in-depth discussion of the critical issues affecting the advancement of women into leadership roles in the public sector.

Event Date
04 Dec 2019
2019 IPAA WA Espresso Shot: Pushing the Boundaries
Applying an elite performance mindset to public sector leadership
Short, sharp morning session delving into the mindset of some of WA's elite athletes to help you sharpen your leadership skills.