Thursday 28 November 2013

IPAA WA Young Professional Could Be Longest Serving Movember Mo Bro in WA

Chair of the Western Australia Institute of Public Administration (IPAA WA) Young Professional Advisory Committee, Mr Brett Osler is part of the one million Mo Bros participating in Movember around the world and says he could be one of the longest serving Mo Bros in WA.

Mr Osler has been supporting the cause since 2005 when he was living in Melbourne and moved to Western Australia in 2011.

"My current participation is more about raising awareness than funds. My interest in Movember came following a colleague at the time who told me about a friend who was participating in Movember to raise awareness and funds for both prostate cancer and mental illness.”

“Both my colleague and I had lost a parent who were at a fairly young age due to cancer, so we were aware of the affects that losing loved ones had on families.”

“For me, Movember is a timely reminder for men to check their health and wellbeing and I can proudly say that I did so just before November this year enabling my GP to identify a health matter which was resolved via a fairly simple day procedure. I’d like to think that all men see their health and wellbeing as being important and can discuss any health matters with their friends and medical professionals without embarrassment and irrespective of their age,” Mr Osler said.

"I’m not certain, but there is a fair chance I’d be one of, if not, the longest serving Mo Bro in WA!” Mr Osler said.

IPAA WA contacted Movember to confirm Brett’s involvement, however data storage of members can only be tracked from 2007.

Movember spokesperson and Business and Community Engagement Manager, Mr Tom Betts said, “He certainly could be one of the longest serving Mo Bros in WA, however it is difficult to tell.”

“We find it amazing that guys continue to grow moustaches for Movember, given the strain it puts on relationship, friends, partners and mothers. If Brett can do it year after year, it shows amazing dedication and commitment,” Mr Betts said.

Originating in 2003 after two guys made a bet in a Melbourne pub, Movember has had up to 4 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas (women who support the Mo) worldwide.

This month, Australia has raised over $16.2 million for Movember and worldwide over $82 million.

“That’s not bad for an idea which started 11 years ago – and it’s all down to people like Brett who continue to support the cause and raise awareness and donations,” Mr Betts said.

Whilst trendy beards have come into fashion lately on Perth streets, Mr Betts said, “Hopefully a few of the beards will be coming off this summer – the moustaches are a lot more manageable.”

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