Monday 27 October, 2014

IPAA WA Training Program Puts Policy Into Practice

IPAA WA and Nous Group have completed a joint delivery of a pilot training program in public policy design and implementation. The program - Policy in Practice - targeted “high potential” public servants. Run concurrently in Perth and in Bunbury, it attracted over 40 participants from more than a dozen different government departments and agencies. The program was supported by the WA Public Sector Commission (PSC).

IPAA WA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Gavin Lewis said he was appreciative of the  collaboration efforts to bring the program to life.

"We are very grateful for the PSC's vision of advancing development in the area of policy," Mr Lewis said.
The course, consisting of six days delivered over four months, canvassed the knowledge and skill a public servant requires to operate successfully in contemporary policy making and implementation.

The early course content focussed on the role of government in contemporary policy development, considered the origins of policy, challenges with problem definition, the importance of engagement beyond the public sector and decision making. The latter course days canvassed contemporary modes of policy delivery, how to develop operating models and service designs, management of risk and probity, implementation and change management and the importance of measurement.

Participants debated the merits and applicability of newer ideas such as systems stewardship, network governance and behavioural economics to the future of policy making and public administration in WA and Australia more generally.
Across the six days, participants applied their new skills to a real and simulated policy issues. The practical focus of the course encouraged active learning, and provided a safe environment for participants to take risks and explore new ways of thinking about their jobs. As one participant remarked “The part that really stood out for me was the policy evaluation tools that allowed us to interrogate and evaluate our policies and the understanding that a real opportunity to influence policy may only come once every five years”.
Registrations are now open for the 2015 Policy in Practice program.

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