Reid Oration

Professor Gordon Reid
Gordon Reid, AC, was a distinguished scholar in the areas of Politics, Public Administration and Comparative Government. He was Fellow of the Institute of Public Administration Australia, serving as a member of the WA Division as well as Councillor Vice-President and President. Professor Reid passed away in 1989.

He was also a Professor of Politics for many years at The University of Western Australia as well as serving as Deputy Vice-Chancellor. From 1984 to 1989 he was Governor of Western Australia.

About the Oration

The Reid Oration was established by the Western Australian Institute of Public Administration Australia in 1991 to honour Professor Gordon Reid’s contribution to public life.

The presentation encourages public interest and research into public policy and contemporary thinking of our times; not dissimilar to the work of Professor Gordon Reid.

Previous Reid Orators

Stephen Smith (2014)
Winthrop Professor of International Law at UWA, and former Australian Defence and Foreign Affairs Minister.
Download Presentation: Looking out and looking in - some public policy challenges of change in our region

Paul Mcleod (2013)
Associate Professor of Economics at The University of Western Australia and an Adjunct Professor at the Australian and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG).
Download Presentation: "Balancing the Role of Government and the Market: The Challenge of Formulating Public Policy “In Public”.

Professor Carmen Lawrence (2012)
Director, Centre for the Study of Social Change, School of Psychology, The University of Western Australia
Download presentation: Maintaining a Civil Society: The importance of equality and education

Professor Peter Hartley (2011)
James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, Rice University, Texas
Download presentation: Climate Change and Energy Security Policies: Are they really two sides of the same coin?

Peter Allen (2010)
Deputy Dean, Australia and New Zealand School of Government
Delivering Value to Citizens: the challenge for Australia’s Federation

Margaret Seares AO (2008)
Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, UWA
Creating a Vision for the Arts and Cultural Sectors in our Capital City

Mr Paul Kelly (2007)
Editor-at-Large, The Australian
The Howard Decade - Separating Fact from Fiction

Dr Ken Michael AC (2006)
Governor of Western Australia

Professor Allan Fels AO (2005)
Dean, Australia and New Zealand School of Government
The Regulation of Business and its Public Administration

Dr Anne Summers (2004)
Author and journalist
The Politics of Dissent in an Age of Endangered Democracy

Dr Clive Hamilton (2003)
Executive Director, The Australia Institute, Canberra

Professor Stuart Macintyre (2002)
Ernest Scott Professor of History and Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne

Dr Judith Brett (2001)
Reader in Politics, LaTrobe University

Hon. Richard Court (2000)
Premier of Western Australia

Hon. Geoff Gallop (1999)
Leader of the Opposition, Western Australia

Ms Moira Rayner (1998)
Former Commissioner of Equal Opportunity, Victoria

Hon. Darryl Williams (1997)
Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Australia

Dr Martyn Forrest (1996)
Vice Chancellor, James Cook University

Hon. Kim Beazley (1995)
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance

Ms Sue Boyd (1994)
Ambassador to Vietnam

Dr Neal Blewett (1993)
Member of the House of Representatives

Mr Richard Humphry (1991)
Director General, NSW Department of the Premier

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