Special Events

We offer a range of forums and seminars throughout the year.  Our seminars are topical,  relevant and continually evolving.  The success of some of these events have meant we can deliver them annually.

Budget Briefing

This annual event provides an early opportuniity for public servants to learn how the WA State Budget will influence their planning and programs for the coming year. View event resources

Conversation Series

Helping public sector leaders and employees come together in an intimate, thought provoking environment. View event resources

Producing a Brilliant Annual Report

Experts in publishing, finace and government provide handy tips to help you produce a more effective annual report without all the hassle. View event resources

Public Sector Conference

Showcasing the success within the public sector, this conference focuses on winners from the Premier’s Awards and case studies from the State of the Service Report. View event resources


Can organisations survive in the 21st Century if they choose to ignore new technology and try to control the super information highway? RightClick is a full day conference exploring  the impact of new technology in the work place and how to engage with the community online both safely and securely. View event resources

Reid Oration

The Reid Oration was established in 1991 to honour Professor Gordon Reid’s contribution to public life. A special guest presentation encourages public interest and research into public policy and contemporary thinking of our times; not dissimilar to the work of Professor Gordon Reid. View event resources

Shaping the Views at the Top

Young Professionals gain the opportunity to interact with senior members of the public sector and contribute to policy development. View event resources

Women in Leadership

A number of factors continue to impact on women’s under-representation in leadership roles including; business drivers, cultural dilemmas, work/life interactions and workplace dynamics. Get inspired and hear the career journeys from a variety of women and their successes along the way. View event resources