Misconduct Resistance Practitioner Forum: Answering the Charges

Misuse of Corporate Credit Cards for Personal Gain

While there is no doubt corporate credit cards enable public sector employees to do their job faster and better, its widespread adoption potentially exposes many agencies to the risk of misuse by staff for personal, non-work related expenditure.

The improper use of corporate credit cards can constitute serious misconduct, or even fraud. This forum will provide information to assist agencies to stay vigilant and proactive in scrutinizing these integrity risks.


Rod Alderton, Executive Director, Government Procurement, Department of Finance
Purchasing cards were introduced as a means of streamlining public sector purchasing and payment procedures. Rod will provide the policy context; the business benefits and efficiencies gained by corporate credit card use; and the corresponding obligations and responsibilities which go hand in hand for agencies and individual employees.

Yih Voon Lee, Financial Investigator, Corruption and Crime Commission
Yih Voon will speak on the types of corporate credit card misuse that the Commission has encountered in its investigations. We will hear about a range of cases from those involving excessive and inappropriate personal use to outright fraud; the red flags evident in each case; and the different control failings.

Craig Mellitchey, Manager Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services, Ernst & Young
Craig will talk more widely about the extent of risk credit card fraud represents to the public sector; what gaps are leaving agencies most exposed; and what they have found in relation to common control failings through their audit function. Craig will also explore some of the contemporary controls agencies can put in place to strengthen fraud prevention and offer tips as well as sophisticated tools to catch out those abusing the trust vested in them.

A panel discussion will conclude this forum - Get involved!

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