Creative Thinking for Innovative Problem Solving

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Government and business are changing rapidly, and these changes require us all to adapt how we approach our work. It is no longer enough to rely on knowledge: we need creative thinking to solve new and unexpected problems and resolve emerging issues. There is no simple formula for generating original ideas and applying them in the workplace. But there are tried and tested techniques to help create the conditions for innovation both in individuals and groups. In this one day course we’ll put into practice some of these techniques, look at the science that informs them, and discuss how to apply them to the work of large organisations. On the way we’ll demystify creativity and learn how anyone can become creative. And finally, and by no means least importantly – people enjoy being creative. When we are being creative at work we are more engaged with what we are doing - that benefits everybody.

Course Content

  • some definitions: imagination, creativity, and innovation
  • key principles of creative thinking – process over product
  • convergent and divergent thinking: moving away from a fixed mind-set
  • identifying and solving problems with creative thinking
  • identifying what limits creativity
  • setting up an environment where creativity can flourish
  • techniques to enhance individual creativity
  • working in groups and teams – collaboration and creative thinking
  • why a traditional brainstorm doesn’t work, and how to run one that does
  • leadership styles that encourage (or kill) creativity and innovation.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • understand how creative thinking works and apply this understanding at work
  • identify what stops you from being more creative
  • use a creativity tool-kit to solve problems
  • work effectively in a group by using guidelines for creative collaboration
  • generate and evaluate original ideas when faced with difficult problems
  • set up and run a successful brainstorm session.

Benefits to your organisation

  • stimulate new ways of thinking and create a stream of fresh ideas
  • make full use of the potential of employees
  • create the conditions for solving problems quickly and efficiently
  • build successful groups and teams
  • improve work satisfaction and engagement across the organisation.

Benefits to you

  • deal with change in innovative ways that reduce stress and increase satisfaction
  • contribute more fully to the work of the organisation
  • apply key skills to improve problem-solving
  • use time at work more effectively and enjoyably.