Change Management for Team Leaders

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Why is it that many change programs fail or don’t achieve the outcomes sought by the organisation? There are some important elements that need to be considered when managing or leading a change process. This course will assist the participant in designing a change process to suit their organisational context. A key deliverable of this workshop will be the development of a customised change management plan. This interactive workshop has been developed to assist you to plan for a change process in your organisation/situation.

Course Content

  • defining change in organisations and discussing key elements for success
  • models of change
  • determining the need for change - strategic alignment, and current business processes and outputs
  • analysing readiness for change at individual and organisational levels
  • stakeholder analysis and engagement
  • managing resistance to change
  • planning a strategy for change - goals and objectives, activities and deliverables, communicating change, and people
  • monitoring and evaluating change
  • leading change 

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course attendees should be able to:

  • Identify the key elements of a successful change process
  • Determine the readiness for change in your organisation
  • Determine the context of change and organisational fit
  • Plan for a change program/process
  • Identify the monitoring required for a change program
  • Plan for engaging key stakeholders
  • State what is important to consider when leading change.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Change management plans that are aligned with organisational intents and strategy
  • Change management strategy that engages with stakeholders
  • Planning for a focus on managing risk during the change management process.

Benefits to you

  • Design a step-by-step change process to suit your organisational context that considers all of the important elements of a change management process
  • Use the workbook as a change management plan document
  • Have the opportunity to work on and discuss your own change process.