Develop your Inclusive Leadership Mindset

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For many years the benefits of Diversity have been espoused as being a critical enabler of high performing teams.  Recruitment processes have focused on getting the right people on board, ensuring that there is fair and equitable representation of diverse backgrounds to leverage these different perspectives and viewpoints in decision making, critical thinking and creative problem solving.  But this is only part of the equation.

Inclusive leadership enables these voices to be heard.  Inclusive leadership creates an environment where people from diverse backgrounds feel safe, valued and respected, and are able to freely express their unique selves in their workplace.  After all, it is the leader who sets the tone, who models curiosity and interest in the diverse perspectives, and creates a safe space for all team members to be heard.

In today’s changing and complex world leading in an inclusive manner and creating an inclusive environment is not an easy task.  This workshop provides a practical framework to understand the critical mindsets of the inclusive leader and specifically, what leaders can do in their efforts to develop inclusive workplaces.

Course Content

  • Diversity, Identity, Equity, Inclusion…..Let’s clear it up!
  • Why Inclusion matters.
  • Where Inclusion starts.
  • The 3 Elements of Inclusion.
  • The 5 Mindsets of Inclusive Leaders – and what they look like in practice!
  • The Sixth Mindset.
  • Turning Insights into Actions.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course attendees should be able to:

  • Understand what inclusion is, and how it is related to the concepts of diversity, identity and equity.
  • Articulate the evidence supporting the value of efforts to develop inclusive leaders and an inclusive work environment.
  • Explain the 3 Elements of Inclusion.
  • Identify the 5 mindsets of inclusive leaders, how these can be developed, and where to look for evidence of improvement.
  • Articulate their own Inclusive Leadership Action Plan.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Realise the investment in Diversity through inclusive leadership.
  • Ensure values of fairness and respect are operationalised through leaders’ actions.
  • Ensure all employees experience a sense of psychological safety, feel valued and connected to others.
  • Through leadership, develop a culture where employees have a voice and express themselves with confidence as their authentic selves.

Benefits to you

  • Build a harmonious work environment where all people are valued and respected.
  • Leverage the diverse talents that reside within your team.
  • Improve decision making, critical thinking, creativity and problem solving in your team.
  • Build a sense of engagement and commitment amongst team members.
  • Lead your team and your organisation with respect and integrity.