How to give a Great Online Presentation in the Public Sector

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Zoom and Teams meetings have become part of the permanent meeting landscape, bringing with them the opportunities to engage easily with colleagues across the globe and build hybrid teams.
Along with lockdowns, it has brought new ways of working — more casual in attire and location (think casual clothes and kitchen counter tops), more informal (think zoom-bombing by errant children, pets and spouses) and more humanised (think backgrounds, surroundings and technical glitches).
As we move forward out of COVID, and this way of working is normalised, the novelty will wear off and potential for disengagement will occur and expectations will change as to what is acceptable as professional behaviour.
So how will you ensure that your online meetings are engaging your audience? What is likely to become the new standard of professionalism for these meetings? How will you ensure that you meet these expectations for yourself and meet those of your agency?
This interactive and engaging workshop will show you how to connect in a meaningful and authentic manner online, recognize the constraints and opportunities of online meetings, be more polished and professional in your presentations and give you tips and tricks to be more confident in your meeting set up.

Course Content

  • Learn the core differences between face to face and online meetings.
  • Know how to appear to be engaged, authentic and professional online.
  • Learn techniques to make your meetings more engaging.
  • Master what not to do in an online meeting.
  • Learn how to set up the best online presence to reflect your professional role and organisational position.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course attendees should be able to:
  • Know how to set up their online environment for efficiency and impact.
  • Be aware of the limitations of online meetings and how to compensate for them.
  • Modulate their participation to leverage the differences between a face to face meeting and a digital environment.
  • Determine their most professional and authentic style when presenting online.
  • Understand how to structure meetings to increase engagement with content and improve effectiveness.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Online meetings will be more authentic and engaging, setting the scene for professional discourse. 
  • Staff will be more confident using technology and therefore the meetings will be more effective.
  • Staff will understand how to set up meetings that are more interactive to maintain interest and engagement — this will increase participation and effectiveness.
  • Your staff will understand what constitutes a personable but professional online presence as we move forward out of COVID lockdowns.

Benefits to you

  • You will be able to set up your online meetings for a consistent appearance and understand how to use meetings effectively.
  • You will understand the differences between online and face to face meetings and how to change your presentation technique to suit.
  • You will know how to avoid the 5 most common mistakes people make in online meetings.
  • You will have more confidence about your online presence.