Leadership: What Every New and Experienced Manager Needs to Know

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Important: Before registering, please click here to read some important information relating to COVID-19 requirements and IPAA WA in-person training.

The online dates for this program is delivered over two half-days. 


If there ever was a test of leadership, Covid-19 is it!  The Corona Virus Pandemic will test organisations and their leaders like never before.  All around us there are examples of positive and powerful displays of leadership, but unfortunately, we have also seen the catastrophic effects of poor and ineffective leadership and its impact on nations and their people.

This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of key strategies necessary for successfully leading a team in these volatile and uncertain times. Participants will be provided with a framework that will assist with increasing their understanding of how and when to apply different leadership styles and come away with a range of strategies and practical tools that can be implemented immediately in the workplace.

This workshop has been specifically customised and contextualised to support leaders through the Covid-19 crisis.  Leaders will come away with clear and focused strategies to lead their teams effectively in these challenging times and beyond.

Course Content

  • Attributes and behaviours that make a great leader
  • Goleman’s leadership styles
  • The Willing and Able framework
  • The importance of delegation
  • Strategies for maximizing performance including: Herzberg’s & Expectancy model of motivation, TLC Solutions Feedback Framework, TLC Solutions Performance Gap Analysis, Error Management Model by James Reason, Building the team, and Coaching for change

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course attendees will:

  • have a comprehensive understanding of strategies for leading a team successfully
  • understand the framework on how and when to apply different leadership styles
  • come away with a range of strategies and practical tools to implement immediately in the workplace

Benefits to your organisation

  • capable, confident and competent leaders who create resonance and optimise performance
  • leaders who can immediately apply a range of tools in day-to-day leadership
  • confident leaders who are able to lead people to meet performance goals, change or significant challenges

Benefits to you

  • explore what makes a great leader
  • understand various leadership styles
  • learn strategies for maximising performance
  • build leadership competence and confidence

Course Dates - Two Half Days

  1. 27 Jul 2022 , 3 Aug 2022
  2. 31 Oct 2022 , 31 Oct 2022