Management Accounting in the Public Sector

This course maps to capability:

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Regardless of the sector they work in, finance professionals have a significant role in the provision of information to all others in an organisation. Such information has to be provided in a timely manner and must be high quality in order for stakeholders within the organisation to rely on it and act upon it. Management accounting is not often talked about within the public sector as much focus is, instead, turned upon the issues of transparency and accountability. This is understandable and very important. However, the development of quality management accounting information is key to ensuring decisions are made and resources deployed in the best interests of the purpose of the organisation and ultimately of the community served. This new course from IPAA will examine management accounting in the public sector and provide participants with the skills necessary to consider management accounting in a public sector setting and to make decisions regarding information quality, management accounting practice and internal reporting frameworks. This course contributes towards fulfilling a number of requirements of the Public Sector Commission Finance Capability Profile

Course Content

This course contributes toward your attainment of the requirements of the Public Sector Commission Finance Capability Profile and incudes coverage of:

  • Internal Financial Reporting Policy and Practice
  • The Internal Budget Process
  • Costing and the Public Sector
  • Internal Accounting Interface with Treasury and External Reporting
  • Analysis Processes.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the development elements for sound financial policy
  • Appreciate the breadth and scope of management accounting
  • Understand the chart of accounts and appreciate its centrality to sound financial and management accounting
  • Appreciate the components of the internal budget process and of an appropriate governance framework
  • Understand the components of a sound internal reporting process
  • Understand cash flow budgeting, reporting and governance framework.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Increased capacity for financial scrutiny
  • Increased capacity for financial planning
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in the internal accounting process.

Benefits to you

  • Meet part of the requirements for the Public Sector Commission Finance Capability Profile
  • Increased knowledge and capacity with respect to financial data management and analysis
  • Better financial decision making skills
  • Better financial data collection skills.