Optimising Performance Through Hard Conversations

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Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of developing high performance is the delivery of high quality and meaningful performance feedback.  Yet feedback is often avoided, watered down or poorly delivered.  In this workshop you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to maximise the performance of individual staff members with a specific focus on performance feedback conversations. Participants will come away with strategies and practical tools to immediately implement back in the workplace.

This workshop is not a “how-to” for performance management reviews. It is about the regular, ongoing feedback conversations you will have with your staff throughout the year. In particular, you will learn strategies that will build your confidence in providing feedback to the most challenging underperformers.

This workshop is targeted at managers who seek to optimise performance of their teams through quality feedback.  All people managers would benefit from the insights gained in this workshop by developing high impact feedback conversations that build self-awareness, engagement and action.


Course Content

  • TLC Solutions Feedback Framework
  • Performance GAP Analysis model
  • James Reason’s Error Management model

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course attendees will be able to:

  • to have a different and more empathic view of the ‘poor performer’ i.e. understand ‘why’ they are underperforming
  • have a toolbox of tools and strategies to get higher performance from team members
  • be capable of having effective and constructive difficult conversations

Benefits to your organisation

  • improved productivity through clear action plans for team members based on identified development opportunities
  • improved productivity through supported development actions
  • improved productivity through specific actions to improve performance goals

Benefits to you

  • you will be equipped with a framework for understanding how to approach, plan and implement the performance conversations
  • you will come away feeling more confident that you will be able to conduct constructive feedback and performance conversations with your staff