Project in Progress: Next Steps in Project Management

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Keeping a project relevant and on track can involve unconventional thinking, tools, and techniques. If the project or business initiative you are managing is experiencing bottlenecks, issues, or inertia, this workshop may be for you.

Through facilitated discussion and exercises, and peer-to-peer learning, this one-day workshop aims to give you a set of tools, techniques and ideas to guide you forward with your project. All aspects of a project are up for discussion and debate in this confidential session, depending on what is important to you and your project. These aspects include but are not limited to: project scoping; scheduling and planning; benefits management; risk identification and analysis; issues management; influencing and enacting change; stakeholder engagement. With a maximum of 8 participants, this workshop is ideal for anyone with a project in flight. The workshop is designed to maximise participation and personal attention to ensure that you walk away with actions that can be readily applied to your workplace project and increase its chances of success.

Course Content

The content of this workshop is guided by the participant group. The facilitator will also develop and provide relevant handouts based on your identified needs at the workshop. While the facilitator will introduce tools and techniques to assist you in planning, managing and/or controlling your project, the wider group will be encouraged to offer their expertise. This means you will walk away with varied options for progress and a richer perspective on your project.

Course Outcomes

  • identify areas for improvement and change
  • plan and act to progress your project
  • apply specialised tools to address project issues
  • influence project outcomes
  • engage with key stakeholders

Benefits to your organisation

  • improved project direction and understanding
  • greater project relevance
  • more opportunities for project success

Benefits to you

  • enhanced ability to deliver the promised outputs and benefits of a project
  • greater influence over project outputs and outcomes
  • a set of tools, techniques, ideas and actions that can be customised for your project

*Please note: As this is an action workshop, the duration of this workshop varies depending on the number of participants.