Self-management to Create Better Ways of Working

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Thinking about thinking


Are you an ideas person? Or do you excel at pulling together the pieces of a project?  Do you remember best when ideas are spoken to you or written down?

Understanding how you work best has the potential to simplify your work days and reduce friction within yourself and with others. This workshop explores the different ways people learn, communicate, problem solve and organise. You will identify your own best practices while gaining insight into how others work. Through discussion, self-reflection and hands-on activities you will develop your own framework for thinking and doing and walk away with practical strategies to improve your work practices. 

Course outcomes

  • Explore different ways of learning
  • Examine different communication styles, including conflict management strategies
  • Discuss a range of problem-solving techniques
  • Build on your current organisational strategies
  • Consider how to optimise the different ways people work
  • Develop a framework for how you best work based on areas of strength

Benefits to you:

  • Discover effective ways to work based on your own style of learning and organising
  • Develop your understanding of how others work and how to get the best out of colleagues 
  • Add to your communication toolkit, including how to manage conflict in the workplace.

Benefits to your organisation:

  • Increased ability to work efficiently and independently based on personal strengths
  • Increased ability to work effectively with colleagues based on an understanding of different ways of working
  • Increased confidence to communicate, particularly when dealing with conflict in the workplace.