Structure and Storytelling: Writing to Engage

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Storytelling is used in professional writing as a way to create well organised and focused writing that engages the audience. This workshop explores the process and structure of storytelling and outlines a framework for writing. Through a series of writing exercises and discussion participants will reflect on their own writing practices and identify opportunities for using storytelling.

Course Content

  • The science behind storytelling: why we remember stories so well
  • The elements and structure of a story
  • How to identify and focus on the reader’s needs
  • Awareness of sentence structure
  • How to use paragraphs to create a story
  • Planning: friend or foe?
  • How storytelling can be used across a range of texts
  • Useful resources to support your writing

Course Outcomes

  • Use a storytelling structure to plan and write different types of texts
  • Write engaging texts that connect with the reader
  • Identify opportunities to use storytelling to help focus you as a writer
  • Understand how different elements of writing contribute to the overall quality of a piece of writing

Benefits to your organisation

  • Reduce time that managers spend editing and rewriting documents
  • Create a shared understanding of what constitutes good writing
  • Project a consistently professional image through written material

Benefits to you

  • Increased ability to work independently
  • Increased confidence in writing and editing skills
  • Increased productivity in all aspects of writing and editing