WA Public Service, Government & Parliament: Relationships & Roles

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As you go about your work as a public servant, do you ever wonder where you fit into the machinery of government? Are the workings of parliament a mystery to you? If so, this workshop will help you better understand the role of government, the role of parliament and the relationship and interactions between these two institutions. It will also help you understand the different mechanisms in place that allow government and parliament to provide responsible and accountable government. Alongside the theoretical basis of the state’s system of government, the workshop will examine some of the practical realities of being a public servant in Western Australia.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand the theoretical basis of the system of government
  • Understand the practical operations of government and parliament
  • Understand the relationship between government and parliament, and the importance of the separation of the Executive and the Legislative arm of government
  • Appreciate the role of the public service in government
  • Understand some of the differences between preparing documents for, and providing information to, government and parliament

Benefits to You

  • Greater awareness of the importance of being a public servant
  • Improved confidence in navigating parliamentary processes
  • Increased understanding of the differences between documents (such as Ministerial Briefings and Parliamentary Questions) prepared for government and documents (such as committee submissions) provided to parliament.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Public servants aware of the context in which they work
  • Improved confidence in your staff
  • Improved efficiency due to increased awareness of different requirements