Writing With Style: The Power of Plain English

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A practical workshop focusing on the skills needed for effective written communication. Whatever you are writing, you need to make sure you put your reader first. This workshop shows you how to write the kind of English that communicates effectively with a reader that is clear and concise. You will learn how to streamline your written work by following some straightforward rules, and how to structure a piece of writing for maximum readability and impact. It includes practical exercises, and a set of notes for you to use after the course.

Course Content

  • Discussion of what plain English is and why we use it
  • How to start writing when you have a blank page
  • Six keys to effective writing
  • Structuring sentences & use of verbs
  • Finding your own voice and style
  • Elements to consider when structuring a text 
  • Constructing paragraphs
  • Editing tips

Course Outcomes

  • Use time and effort efficiently when writing and rewriting
  • Write material that is reader-centred
  • Edit documents for readability, content, structure and style
  • Produce written material that communicates effectively with a range of readers

Benefits to your organisation

  • Reduce time that managers spend editing and rewriting documents produced by their team members
  • Create a shared understanding of and approach to writing
  • Project a consistently professional image through written material

Benefits to you

  • Increased ability to work independently
  • Increased confidence in writing and editing skills
  • Increased productivity in all aspects of work that involve writing