Western Australia’s state public service is working at the highest levels to bring about greater collaboration, increased understanding and tolerance of risk, and to introduce innovation systems across the sector.

Government at all levels is being asked to achieve greater productivity improvements.

Join two leaders of innovation, Landgate Chief Executive Mike Bradford and world renowned Danish innovator Christian Bason of MindLab for a unique opportunity to hear about the implementation of innovation systems across government from a local and international perspective.

Mike’s opening presentation is part of our Conversation Series and is deliberately designed to allow you to engage in conversation with the presenter. Come along with your questions about innovation and leadership for one of the most dynamic leaders in the public service.

Following the publication of Christian's book ‘Leading public sector innovation: Co-creating for a better society’ and his well received 2010 presentations in Perth he has been in constant demand across Europe and North America over the past two years.

Learn how you can also build and sustain innovation systems in your organisation to achieve more with less through Christian's principals of consciousness, courage, co-creation, and capacity.

A panel session will follow Christian's presentation and will be joined by Rob Delane, Director General, Department of Agriculture and Food WA.

Topics Include

  • Encouraging & sustaining innovation
  • How to generate & explore new ideas - through internal procedures
  • Qualities of good leadership
  • Design thinking
  • Cross agency collaboration
  • Innovation Systems 
  • Citizen-centred innovation
  • Leadership and strategy in the public sector

Hear From

Innovate or Stagnate

Mike Bradford
Chief Executive

Mike Bradford was appointed Chief Executive of Landgate in June 2009. In this role he has led the transformation of the business including the foundation of the new commercial sales team and the development of a Location Information Strategy for Western Australia.  Mike has international experience managing land information products and services including topographic map production, satellite remote sensing and geographic information systems. He is experienced in strategic planning and the management of complex information technology projects. He has also been instrumental in several cross-government initiatives.

Mike has worked on overseas assignments advising the governments of Solomon Islands on land information systems and East Timor on defence cooperation.  Mike holds a Bachelor of Surveying Degree and a Masters in Management Studies (Project Management).  Mike is also the Surveyor General of Western Australia.

Implementing Innovation Systems in Government

Christian Bason
Director of Innovation
MindLab Denmark

Christian is passionate about transforming the public sector's ability to meet the needs of citizens and society. He has worked for more than a decade with leadership, innovation, and development of the public sector. Building on a career as a management consultant working for government clients, he now heads MindLab, a cross-ministerial innovation unit. MindLab wants to be a world leader in the process of transforming understanding of the realities of citizens and businesses into new social solutions. Christian is the author of four books and numerous articles on innovation, leadership and management. He is a frequent guest speaker in Denmark and abroad, and writes regular columns, blogs and articles about innovation and leadership. He is currently conducting a Ph.D. on design thinking as an approach to leading innovation in government.

Christian specialises in citizen-centred innovation; leadership in the public sector; design thinking; performance management; strategy, organisation and HR.

The Department of Agriculture and Food WA (DAFWA), is pleased to present a series of events with Christian Bason as part of its Visiting Specialist Program from 5-8 November 2012 in Perth, WA.

A copy of Christian's book is available from Boffins Bookstore - Personal Members receive 10% off.

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