2018 IPAA WA Espresso Series

Leading and managing diverse talent

Series registration has now closed. Please register for individual sessions by following the links below. 

Over a series of three short, sharp seminars, our Espresso series will inspire your practice as a professional public servant. Like any good espresso it will give your thinking a good kick start.

This year, in partnership with the Kaleidoscope Initiative, we explore the opportunities and challenges of leading diverse and inclusive teams in the 21st century. Diversity brings the opportunity to maximise opportunities and solve problems in the most creative and effective way through harnessing many different perspectives.

We have assembled speakers from organisations ranging from local to global in their span. Each session will provide you as a leader with insights that enable you to enhance your effectiveness and remain at the forefront of 21st century leadership practice.

Register before the 4th of September for the entire series at a very competitive price, or simply sign up for the individual session that grabs your imagination.

NOTE: To register for all 3 sessions in this series, please register from this page. Otherwise, to register for individual sessions, follow the links below. 
Session 1: From global to local: embedding diversity as a competitive and personal advantage
Tuesday 4th September – 7:30-9:00am Breakfast
Hear from the perspective of a global organisation on how to bring diversity to the core of your practice and that of your team or organisation. The sheer scale of the public sector can make change difficult. South 32 as a global organisation can provide many useful lessons for overcoming the obstacles and realising the benefits of inclusive leadership. 
Session 2: Stories from close to home
Tuesday 18th September – 7:30-9:00am Breakfast
Global diversity and inclusion specialist, Fadzi Whande, completes our series.  Fadzi has gained international recognition for her work in the areas of Unconscious Bias, Cultural Competency and Racial Socialisation and Identity, her work primarily focuses on addressing systemic and institutionalised barriers held towards historically undermined groups.
Session 3: Tackling blind spots
Wednesday 10th October – 7:30-9:00am Breakfast
Virtual reality (VR) and diversity collide in this session. Complete with feature-phone ready goggles, we explore a powerful new tool for tackling unconscious bias. Our guest speaker, Lucie Hammond, will provide powerful insights gained in providing VR enabled training to senior leadership of a large corporate organisation. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are no longer able to provide the headsets as previously advised.

Series Facilitator

Ashleigh Brand
Project Leader - Kaleidoscope Initiative
City of Stirling

Ashleigh is a highly experienced project manager, facilitator, diversity and leadership trainer and coach.  She is committed to assisting workplaces to become more diverse.  She is also a social change-maker with a passion to help newcomers realise their full potential in Western Australia.

Ashleigh has more than 20 years' experience working in communications, change management, organisational development, policy and technology.  She also has more than eight years' experience running her own business, consulting and project managing.  She is an accredited coach and has skills and experience in leadership development, human resources, project management, business process improvement and policy development.

Series Host

EY is extremely proud to be the venue host of this series and see diversity and inclusiveness as integral to how they serve their clients, develop their people and play a leadership role in our communities. EY have won multiple awards for their dedication to this area and their policies and practices in D&I have been a role model to many organisations.