Seamless Digital Government

Lessons from the ABS and the United Kingdom tax office

Lessons from the 2016 Census and beyond for digital service delivery in Western Australia. 

Hear from two highly experienced leaders about transforming government service delivery to capture the full benefit of digital.

‘More-with-less’, ‘anywhere-anytime’, these are just two of the many promises of digital government. At a deeper level, the OECD highlights the potential for a truly digital approach to government to be “a strategic driver to create open, innovative, participatory and trustworthy public sectors, to improve social inclusiveness and government accountability”

Digital transformation in many large organisations has proven to be tough. Key challenges include breaking down silos, overcoming legal barriers, fixing mindsets and internal conventions. Negotiating technological change on the scale of the government is especially difficult. 

Delivering services at scale in the United Kingdom, and the high profile troubles that plagued the initial 2016 Census roll-out, provide plenty of opportunity for us all to learn and improve digital government in Western Australia. 

Join for a not-to-be-missed presentation by these visiting speakers.


David Kalisch
Chief Statistician
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Ruth Owen
Partner, Human Services