Financial Future Proofing for All Ages

Please note: This event has been re-scheduled. 

Wondering about the complexities of managing your finances, cash flow, budgeting, credit, debt or superannuation? Are you uncertain about whether you are making the right decisions regarding your money?

It is important to take control of your money and develop the right strategy to help you achieve your financial goals at each stage of life through to retirement, no matter how far away that may seem.

StatePlus will be holding an event to discuss the complexities of managing your personal finances, preparing for any changes in your circumstances and strategies to maximise your superannuation benefits including those that are unique to the government schemes.

Find Out About:

  • Managing budgets and cash flow along with good debt versus bad debt
  • Five simple strategies to put you in control
  • Recent super changes and how they may impact you
  • Savings strategies for accumulating wealth
  • Super and income in retirement

StatePlus will provide a forum to identify common issues that public sector workers face with preparing their financials whilst in the workforce leading all the way through to retiring from work.

The information session will provide easy to understand information which will make a big difference to your retirement and there will be experts available to answer questions throughout the session.


Teika Chinnery
Employer Relationship Manager

Teika is Employer Relationship Manager at StatePlus, specialising in member education retirement planning discussions, financial wellness, support and understanding of the specialised government superannuation schemes and strategies surrounding maximising wealth in retirement. She has a strong background in both public and private superannuation, with her previous roles as Key Account Manager at leading organisations GESB and Asgard. Teika believes in the power of financial advice, making a big difference to retirement outcomes and helps every day Australians achieve their financial goals. 

About StatePlus

At StatePlus we are proud to provide financial advice to everyday Australians. It’s not about how much money you have or what you should have done, we know good advice becomes even more valuable when times are tough or you are facing big decisions. A StatePlus planner can help you at every stage of your retirement journey, and with almost 30 years of experience in working with public sector schemes, StatePlus have the expertise in dealing with the unique nature of public sector superannuation and are widely known as the pre-eminent provider of advice to public sector employees.